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give your system the ability to track faces and emotions in video, all with a simple API call

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face tracking within reach

Empath’s solution brings video face tracking and sentiment analysis to every developer, without requiring machine learning expertise. track any face in video and receive state-of-mind analysis

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seamlessly integrate in minutes

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simple REST API with JSON response

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analyze any video, even with edits & movement

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2D & 3D compatible

API solutions

  • face tracker: movement of each person in the video (with occlusion)

  • face counter: number of people

  • face timer: length of time each person appears

  • face emotions: identify a range of emotions from contextual data analysis

  • face geometry: position of eyes, nose, and mouth 

  • face position: scaled position of faces


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frequently asked questions

does this use third-party services such as AWS or Azure?

where is Empath available?

is my video stored?
we do not store the video; we only read it into memory during analysis

how is the data used? 
see our privacy policy

why do I need to disclose how I intend to use the API? 
to prevent nefarious or unethical usage of the technology
see our
ethical policy