pitch, present, & speak better

the world's first AI-powered communication and behavioral analysis platform 

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ever wonder how people perceive you?

upload a practice pitch, presentation, or speech and let our AI tell you

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develop the crucial skills that drive your success

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feel confident with any audience

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take your communication from good to great

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reach your professional goals


communication skills training

  • receive targeted micro-trainings to help you speak persuasively

  • your data informs every micro-training to deliver a personalized experience

  • each micro-training is customized with the latest educational neuroscience 

deep language insights

  • see how often you use filler words like uh and um

  • analyze positivity in your language and tone 

  • know whether others will understand you easily

  • understand your communication patterns

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what skills will drive your success? 

take a quick quiz to find out how Empath can help you pitch, present, and speak with confidence & ease

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state of mind analysis

  • quickly see how others may perceive your pitch, presentation, or speech

  • uncover patterns over time to help you stay in tune with your audience

  • identify unexpected moments to guide improvement

auto-generated transcripts

  • get complete, searchable transcripts to identify what’s working and what’s not

  • predict reactions to certain phrases or moments

  • optimize your language for engagement & understanding

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who's using Empath?

  • salesperson ➔ potential buyer

  • business coach ➔ client

  • manager ➔ team

  • entrepreneur ➔ investor

  • instructor ➔ learner

  • trainer ➔ trainees

  • hiring manager ➔ job applicant

  • HR exec ➔ employees

  • content creator ➔ followers

  • public speaker ➔ audience

  • politician ➔ constituents

  • newscaster ➔ audience

360 approach to effective pitching, presenting, and speaking

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optimize your language

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hone your content

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improve your presentation

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connect with your audience

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strengthen your pitch mindset

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deal with interruptions 

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inspire action

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enhance your Q&A

increase your influence & make a consistent first impression

you deserve to feel confident when speaking in front of an audience! let Empath AI help by giving you personalized feedback on how to improve your next pitch, speech, or presentation