Empath FAQs

what does Empath do?

it helps develop better emotional sensitivity through feedback. this increase in people intelligence allows us to better read people and achieve goals: sell, teach, inform, lead and communicate better.

how does Empath work?

Our empathic engine looks at a video source, much like a human would, and makes a best guess at a person’s state of mind based on how they are expressing themselves. it then shows you an Empath bubble with what it has found and how confident it feels in its prediction

how much does it cost?

We sill be posting pricing structures soon… sign up for the beta to get the best pricing options

how can I try out Empath?

sign up for our beta program. we’ll be letting people in, in order of signup so first come, first served.

how accurate is Empath?

like a person, practice and learning improves performance. the more videos Empath looks at, the more accurate it becomes. each state of mind has a bar underneath which shows its confidence

who created Empath? Why?

we’re a team of veteran technologists and entrepreneurs. emotion tracking has existed for some time, but we only found it behind closed doors of large companies and organisations. we wanted to make it available to everyone to raise the global level of emotional intelligence. we can all use a hand in understanding each other better

is this product brand new?

yep. hot off the press. sign up for our beta and be the first to experience a boosted EQ