EQ on demand

how often do you reflect on your daily meetings and think about how you were perceived and how accurately you perceived others? how do your (mis)perceptions affect your business critical goals?


Empath eliminates the guesswork, providing you data driven analysis of everyone's states of mind and emotional mood


Empath allows you to analyze any video and instantly understand every person’s state of mind and emotional journey - all integrated with transcription


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accomplish your business critical

goals, in every meeting

when you understand people better, you can get things done faster

Empath measures engagement and comprehension so that you can lead, sell, train, research and communicate better

the states of mind, emotional journey, video-to-text transcription, and situational outcome analysis provide you with actionable insight to accomplish your business critical goals 

- increase sell-to-close ratios
- maintain performance and psychological safety of                     distributed teams
- objectively gauge the impact of your creative content 
- qualify the temperament & comprehension of large                   groups
- gain an accelerated understanding of people 

gain insight into complex human states 

sales professionals

how did your sales pitch land? what is the probability you will close this sale? is it worth pursuing this lead?

help your sales team reduce their time to close ratios, qualify new prospects, and gain actionable insight in key sales meetings  

leaders of distributed teams

how was your presentation received? does your team feel psychologically safe? will the team continue to be productive?

gain deep insight into the performance and productivity of your team 

training & development professionals

did your trainees understand the presentation? what part of your curriculum was most effective? who was most engaged?

qualify the temperament, comprehension and engagement of your audience

market researchers & content creators

how does my content resonate with my targeted audience? will my content drive engagement and conversion? is this the most compelling content?

quickly understand what your audience and consumers are feeling

UX professionals

how do I understand the emotional experience of my participants? how can I quickly gather qualitative data from research sessions


automated qualitative coding assistance with enhanced transcription to augment your research




Empath is easy to use and offers more than any other cognitive AI platform on the market 

how it works

Empath analyzes the action, emotion, and decision states of humans using machine learning, situational and desired outcome context, psychographics, facial and viscera motor expressions

Empath engages human tagging - meaning there are also humans behind the machines tagging action, emotion, and decision states in addition to the artificial intelligence 

ready to see it

in action?


the beta

make every communication count
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our vision

all human leaps forward have come through improving communication: cave drawings, speech, writing, printing, broadcast and now digital communications. Empath takes a new step in improving communications - giving us insight into each other and ourselves - to become more effective communicators and increase understanding.
Empath delivers communication intelligence at scale

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.

Dale Carnegie

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

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